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By: ElePro Creations | April 24, 2017

Microfiber car towels are the perfect towel to use to wax, wash and dry your vehicle. There are a lot of different microfiber towels on the market to choose from but knowing which ones are the best can be tricky. We have outlined the features of the top rated microfiber car towels for you below so you can see which set meets your needs the best.

There are some imposter microfiber car cloths out there that claim to be great but once you get them home, you realize that you are dealing with a less than quality product.  Before you take the step to purchase microfiber car towels, the most important thing you need to make sure of is that you are purchasing a high quality product that will give you the performance you are looking for.

Make sure that when you are considering a certain type or brand of microfiber car towels that you look at the fiber content.  The best quality towels with have a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. A true 80/20 combination with behave differently than other combinations which can lead to disappointment in the overall product.  If you stick to the true 80/20 rule, you will not be disappointed in your purchase.

Microfiber towels with piping around the edges prevent the towels from fraying or unraveling and making them useless. You want to try to ensure that that polyester is used for the piping so it is able to be used multiple times without breaking down. Other edging tends to come apart or wear out easily.

Compare the common features that most microfiber towels have to see who excels and stands out among the difference choices you have available.  Once you compare the different towels you will have a better understanding of which ones will work the best for your needs.

The reason that microfiber car towels work so well is because microfiber is charged and literally attracts dirt and dust like a magnet. Another benefit is that it doesn’t leave streaks or lint everywhere so it is a favorite to use on windows and mirrors to obtain a brilliant shine that is flawless.

Other Uses for Microfiber Car Towels

There are many other tasks that you can use microfiber car towels for.  Their use spans many different jobs which is one of the reasons they are so valuable.  Other tasks that these special towels will work on include:

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Medical cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Swiffer pad replacement
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Drying your hair
  • Shining and buffing

As you can see, the possibilities are numerous and having multiple packs of microfiber car towels around means all of your cleaning jobs will be done efficiently, thoroughly and completely.  Each of the different types of jobs above can use different grades of microfiber towels because some have weaves that are better suited to certain jobs than others are. Some use super fine weaves; others will do better with a waffle style weave.  The main goal is to purchase microfiber towels that are of good quality that will last a long time…and that will do the job right.

Using Microfiber Car Towels for Cleaning Your Vehicle

Microfiber car towels are very easy to use. If you’re washing the vehicle all you have to do is wet the towel, wring it out well and wipe the vehicle off. If you’re drying it, you do the same thing except in a little different order: wipe first, then wring and wipe again.

These microfiber car towels are perfect for detailing which is quickly removing things that make your vehicle interior look unkempt and messy. These things will include removing water posts, dust, fingerprints, etc. All you need to do is grab one of your microfiber towels, spray lightly with a detailing spray and wipe it off.

Something to remember when you are using these kinds of towels is that you will get the best results if you use the towel in one direction only until the dust and grime is gone. Make sure you flip the towel frequently during the wiping process. Make sure you rinse the towel often with water and wring it out to get the dirt and contaminants off of it that you have picked up from the vehicle.

When you are waxing your vehicle, use the microfiber towels in a back and forth motion and avoid using circles. Using a circular motion usually results in putting some of the dust and grime back onto the vehicle. If you fold and flip the towel over frequently as you wax, you will avoid putting any dirt back onto the vehicle. One the wax is being smeared, change towels and put the first one in the wash. You may end up using 304 per washing.

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